Organic Feed Supply is a small business operated along with our small family farm located north of Ontario, Oregon. We started this business when we found it impossible to locate Organic Non-GMO Corn/Soy Free chicken feed produced locally within the Treasure Valley of SW Idaho and Eastern Oregon. We began purchasing feed from Union Point Custom Feeds in Brownsville, Oregon for our own use but soon we had other like minded folks around the valley interested in feeding this same high quality feed to their flock. We do not have a retail store and do not provide for on farm sales, however, we do deliver to much of the Treasure Valley of Idaho including Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, and surrounding communities. We also deliver to Eastern, Central, and Northwest Oregon including Bend, Burns, Baker City, LaGrande, and their surrounding  communities.

Sunshine in a Pellet Supplement by Union Point-

A highly palatable layer feed supplement to brighten yolk color to flocks fed corn free rations. Also adds Vitamin A and D3 to your eggs.


Organic Feed Supply

Natural Enviroments Non-GMO 18% Corn/Soy Free Layer Feed by Union Point

This product combines whole grains with highly palatable Protein/Mineral Pellets